Christadelphian Youth Activities

Christadelphian Youth Activities (CYA) has been in existance as Midland Christadelphian Youth Activities Committee (MCYAC) and latterly as CYA for around forty years.

Our events are only open to children who regularly attend a Christadelphian Youth Group or Christadelphian Sunday School in the UK. Our activities are aimed primarily at the age group 5 to 16, which is an age band where children are generally too young to attend Christadelphian Young Peoples Study Groups and Study Weekends, which are aimed at young people usually aged 16+.

All our events have a Scriptural content in the form of either Bible readings or a short Bible talk.

Each year we hold a Quiz Evening, Rounders Competition, Sports Day, Ramble and Swimming Gala and entry for these events should be made through a Christadelphian Youth Group Leader or Sunday School Superintendant.

Events planned for 2001, God willing, include:

Saturday 17th February
Quiz Evening
Saturday 7th April
Rounders Day
Monday 18th June
Saturday 9th June
Sports Day
Saturday 15th September
Saturday 24th November
Swimming Gala

Contacting us

For further information on any of the above events please contact the Secretary, Robin Britton, on

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